Collective Beach Clean ups on Koh Tao

As with many areas of Thailand, Koh Tao has struggled to contain the effects of the huge use of single use plastics such as bags, straws and other items. aow mow beach clean ups koh tao
Aow Mao Beach Clean Ups Koh Tao

Unwanted Litter

This, along with a lack of correct disposal has seen our beautiful beaches become spoiled with unwanted litter, the majority of which washes ashore from the mainland and even from countries further afield.

This doesn’t just spoil the beauty of the many postcard picture beaches on our island, but also provides serious environmental challenges and health hazards for the huge biodiversity Koh Tao is famous for.
Keeping Koh Tao Beaches Clean

Effective Land Conservation Programs on Koh Tao

Luckily for Koh Tao we have many proactive businesses and dive centres that organize their own regular beach clean ups, as well as other island wide initiatives to coincide with national and international clean up events.

During our regular beach clean ups, we regularly find plastic water bottles, plastic straws, old fishing lines & nets as well as plastic bags and various plastic packaging. clean ups on koh tao
Land Conservation Initiatives Koh Tao

Plastic Waste

One of the biggest waste products we find in our beach cleans ups are cigarette butts. People seem to believe that cigarettes are biodegradable but they are not.

The filters are manufactured from plastic fibres called cellulose acetate, which slowly break down into micro plastics and cause serious implications for marine life. whale recycling point koh tao
Whale Recycling Point Creation

Local Businesses & Koh Tao Conservation Initiatives

On Koh Tao we have local initiatives including the cigarette butt challenge and at many beach front restaurants and resorts you will see dedicated disposal bins.

Our message is to increase the awareness of people, so if you see anyone throwing a cigarette on the ground, ask them politely to dispose of it correctly. beach clean ups on koh tao
Mae Haad Beach Clean Koh Tao

World Clean Up Day

Island wide land and beach clean-up events include World clean-up day, which is an annual social action program, organized on a global scale.

The purpose is to tackle the huge solid waste problems our planet has, including the problem of marine debris in our waterways, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. beach clean ups koh tao
Social Action Programs Koh Tao

Social Action Programs & Global Waste

Global waste has become a significant problem for virtually every country around the world and the planet as a whole. Social action programs on a global scale are a great way to fight back and restore our beautiful planet for a sustainable future.

Each year the World Clean up organization hosts a global clean up campaign alongside many business partners and it is a great opportunity to get involved. beach clean ups
Dive Centre Land Conservation Initiatives

19 September 2020

People from around the world can join the next World Cleanup Day on 19 September 2020.

Over 20 million citizens in 180 countries took part in the 2019 World Clean up day and made a huge impact in the collection of trash worldwide. koh tao beach clean ups
Trash Collection by Local Volunteers Koh Tao

Trash Hero Initiative on Koh Tao

One of the partners in world clean-up day is Trash Hero a volunteer led movement that organizes regular beach clean ups on Koh Tao.

Trash Hero spearhead’s the ‘bottles and bags’ program alongside locally based organisations such as Eco Koh Tao  and new heaven conservation

International diving organizations such as PADI also support local clean ups and offer a Specialty training course for divers called Dive Against debris.