Koh Tao Freediver Instructor Development program

Are you already a Scuba Diving Instructor or would you like to try freediving as a hobby?

Maybe you have tried freediving before and fell in love with this quickly growing sport and want to share your passion with others.

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Freediving Program for Scuba Instructors

Freediving Program

This Freediver Instructor Development program is what you need.

Duration of the course is 12 days and it has the following curriculum:

  • 2 days of Freediver course
  • 3 days of Advanced Freediver course
  • 4 days Freediving Instructor course
  • 3 days of pool and open sea training – no fins technique, CO2 / O2 tables, STA + DYN combination, dry training, stretching
  • Workshops
  • Equipment maintenance
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Become a Freediving Instructor Koh Tao

A brief overview of what is included in this course:

  • Basic Freediver and Freediver courses Standards
  • Teaching skills development in a classroom
  • Confined and open water teaching skills
  • Risk Management, Legal Responsibility and Freediver Safety
  • The Business of Freediving and your role as an Instructor
  • Marketing of Freediving

During the course you learn how to recognise the most typical mistakes of your students and how to correct them and how to solve problems that may occur on the courses.

Freediver on Koh Tao

Course Requirements

To become a Basic Freediver and Freediver instructor you have to complete the following requirements:

  • Be EFR instructor in active teaching status
  • Dynamic apnea 50 meters
  • Static apnea 2.30 minutes
  • Dive to minimum 20 meters (CWT)
  • Rescue from 15 meters with towing
  • Four dives to 15 meters with 1 minute rest in between

After the completing the course and all the requirements you will be qualified as Basic Freediver and Freediver Instructor.

For more information on the Freediving Instructor course for scuba instructors, please contact us to discuss your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Freediver Instructor Development program cost?

The Freediver Instructor Development course for Scuba Instructors costs 36,000baht if you have no prior Freediving experience. If you are already a Freediver the cost is 30,000baht. If you are already an Advanced Freediver the cost is 23,000baht.

How long does this Freediver course take to complete?

For a scuba diving instructor with no freediving experience this program will take 12 days. If you are already a freediver it will take 10 days. If you are already an advanced freediver then 7 days. As a scuba diver and master free diver the Freediver Instructor course for scuba instructor will take a minimum of 3 days.