Adopt A Coral Project on Koh Tao

Adopt A Coral is an ongoing coral restoration project where coral transplants can be adopted and named at Junkyard Reef artificial dive site on Koh Tao.
Coral Nurseries Junkyard Reef Koh Tao

Coral growth

The project consists of quarterly pictures and measurements of coral growth progress over a period of time and is a pioneering project led by Eco Koh Tao.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of coral restoration, not all corals survive but if the adopted transplant expires within its first year of growth, it will be replaced with a new one along with new research and data collection. adopt a coral project koh tao
Coral Restoration Panda Project

Coral Transplant & Data Collection Koh Tao

Once adopted, the corals are removed from the nursery then transplanted into one of the many different artificial structures where they can thrive.

The Adopt A Coral data is collected every 3 months to show growth, colour and improvement. It is a slow progression but in time, the structures themselves should become self-reliant and sustainable.

To go one step further, it is also possible to adopt an entire purpose built structure with 10 coral transplants attached. adopt a coral koh tao
Adopt A Coral Program on Koh Tao

Contribute to Coral Research on Koh Tao

Adopting a single coral transplant or a structure is perfect for those who wish to contribute to the ongoing conservation research and study of coral in varying conditions over time.

Koh Tao has 30 dive sites and is made up of several artificial dive sites, wrecks of varying sizes and natural coral reefs that surround the whole island.

As a scuba diver who is visiting Koh Tao, you can join one of the many dives to the artificial dive site and see for yourself the extent of this amazing work.

Coral restoration work on Koh Tao forms an important part of the many marine conservation initiatives in progress here and you can find out more information about this project and more by sending us a message.

Coral Nursery Maintenance
Coral Nursery Maintenance