How to get to Fraggle Rock Viewpoint Koh Tao

Fraggle Rock Viewpoint is located towards the centre of Koh Tao, high above Sairee beach and provides amazing views across the west coast of the island. abandoned resort fraggle rock viewpoint koh tao
Abandoned Resort near to Fraggle Rock Viewpoint Koh Tao

Amazing Sunsets

The viewpoint is an excellent place for visitors to catch one of the amazing sunsets that you get in the Gulf of Thailand.

It is possible to reach Fraggle Rock by scooter, although if you want a challenging hike, you can make the entire journey on foot. fraggle rock koh tao
Fraggle Rock to Sairee Beach

Sairee Beach to Fraggle Rock Viewpoint

It takes approximately an hour to hike to Fraggle Rock starting from Sairee village crossroads next to the 7/11 shop and is uphill all the way.

If you follow the concrete road to Hin Wong bay, pass the left turn for Jim’s bar and Mango Bay Viewpoint and look out for the right turn onto the trail for Fraggle Rock. panoramic view from fraggle rock viewpoint koh tao
Panoramic Views from Fraggle Rock Viewpoint

Mek’s Mountain

Once you are on this trail you carry on hiking until you reach the radio antenna. Next to here you will find another right turn that takes you to Mek’s Mountain, which is a viewpoint much smaller than Fraggle Rock.

Take this turn and if you have time, climb the rope ladder attached to the granite rock boulder and take in the view over Hin Wong Bay.

The last part of the trail, which is the steepest, has ropes alongside it to help you. If you have made your way to this point by scooter, you will need to park it and cover the last section on foot. jungle trek to fraggle rock viewpoint koh tao
Jungle Trek to Fraggle Rock Viewpoint

Hiking Route to Fraggle Rock Viewpoint

Once you reach Fraggle Rock you will need to scramble up in order to get to the top, but the view down to Sairee beach and across the sea is well worth the effort.

There are no shops once you leave the Sairee area, so you need to make sure you carry drinking water for the trip, insect repellant, eco friendly sunscreen and snacks.

Depending on your level of fitness, it can be a challenging hike so wear sensible shoes, not flip flops and take a small drying towel as you will get sweaty. fraggle rock viewpoint koh tao thailand
Koh Tao Viewpoints – Locally Known as ‘Fraggle Rock’

Amazing Sunsets at Fraggle Rock Viewpoint

If you decide to visit the viewpoint to enjoy the sunset, you need to take a torch for the return journey as there are no street lights to help you find your way back down. climbing steps at fraggle rock viewpoint koh tao
Wooden Climbing Steps to Viewpoint

Explore the best Koh Tao Viewpoints

Visiting Fraggle Rock viewpoint is a great way to explore the jungle and the rugged terrain that many of the viewpoints on the north east coast of Koh Tao provide.

It can be completed in a half day and may be worth hiking up there in the morning before the sun gets too hot.