Junkyard Reef Restoration Project Koh Tao

Junkyard Reef is one of Koh Tao’s artificial dive sites, started over 10 years ago and now maintained by Eco Koh Tao and a passionate group of divers.

Structures consisting of old household appliances and furniture were lowered into the water creating an extremely popular alternative dive site for scuba divers to explore, helping to remove the pressure from local natural sites.

Coral Nurseries Junkyard Reef Koh Tao

Junkyard Reef & Coral Restoration

Junkyard Reef has become a very successful reef restoration and conservation initiative, providing an ever growing, ever expanding base for coral to grow.

Throughout the years, there have been many projects focusing on expanding the site and encouraging marine life to thrive.

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Junkyard Reef Artificial Dive Site

Marine Life

Junkyard has provided a home for many reef fish, including Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips, Saddleback Anemonefish, Masked Porcupine Pufferfish and Strapweed Filefish plus much more marine life.

What makes this artificial site so unique is the use of old appliances, apparatus, equipment and contraptions forged together to create an underwater city.

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Artificial Dive Sites Triangles Junkyard Reef

Junkyard Reef Underwater Structures

These structure materials, especially cement which lasts a long time, provide suitable planting grounds for coral transplants and a refuge for a lot of the marine life.

Junkyard Reef soon evolved from a voluntary building site to a vibrant artificial reef used by a number of dive schools for diver enjoyment and research.

Coral Nursery Maintenance
Coral Nursery Maintenance

Junkyard Reef Marine Conservation Koh Tao

Over time, Junkyard Reef has provided a training ground for many diving courses including a range of eco courses and has continued to be a safe place for coral plantation, coral data collection and coral restoration.

If you are planning to visit Koh Tao and enjoy some fun diving or take a scuba diving course, Junkyard Reef should be added to your itinerary to explore this amazing artificial reef dive site.

For more information on the type of work that goes on at Junkyard Reef or to get involved in the many eco marine and land based activities, contact us.

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Junkyard Reef Artificial Dive Site Koh Tao