Important Facts about Laem Thian Koh Tao

Laem Thian is a gorgeous dive site with stunning swim throughs and an abundance of marine life.

Rocky Coastline

It is located on the eastern side of Koh Tao and boasts a scenic experience as you journey to the site on a dive boat.

Once you arrive you can relax and take in the natural beauty of the rocky coast line of eastern Koh Tao. The dive site can be broken into two sections; Laem Thian Bay and Laem Thian Caves. Laem Thian dive site koh tao angel fish
Laem Thian Dive Site Koh Tao Angelfish

What type of marine life is at Laem Thian dive site

As the bay is tucked in nicely to the island, it offers an overall more relaxed dive. This area is best suited for new divers or divers in training. Water depth can range from 5 – 15 metres.

Our recommendation is to stay shallow during the dive as the rocks are covered in hard corals and have become a home for a variety of marine life.

As you weave up and down the rocks you may notice a school of Butterfly Fish and perhaps an orange-spined unicorn fish swimming past. Laem Thian dive site koh tao nudibranch
Laem Thian Dive Site Koh Tao Nudibranch

Macro Photography

If you are a Macro lover or an underwater videographer you are in the right place. You can find lots of nudibranch, wart slugs and banded pipe fish camouflaged against the corals.

You can also find juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips and yellow box fish playing under rock overhangs. Take your time and leave no rock unturned.

This is also one of the only dive sites on Koh Tao where you may run into a Bumphead Parrot fish. They can swim fast so try not to blink. Laem Thian dive site koh tao scribbled filefish
Laem Thian Dive Site Koh Tao Scribbled Filefish

Explore Laem Thian Koh Tao

For the more experienced diver, you can turn the corner and be blessed with a whole new dive site. Here you will find copious amounts of cave like swim throughs.

You can easily find depths around 18-20 meters.  You can also head into the sand to get down to 40 metres if needed for Deep Dive Training. Laem Thian dive site koh tao jellyfish
Laem Thian Dive Site Koh Tao Jellyfish

Laem Thian Caves

The caves offer an exciting change of scenery and are quite magical with beams of light streaming in. This is also a chance to give yourself a little buoyancy clinic as you explore the underwater swim throughs.

Watch out for Giant Groupers who may be relaxing among the rocks, they may be startled to see you there.

Visibility at Laem Thian dive site is generally good all year round. It can range from 10-20m depending on the weather conditions. Laem Thian dive site koh tao nudibranches
Laem Thian Dive Site Koh Tao Nudibranches

Marine life at Laem Thian Koh Tao

An abundance of marine life to look at including Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips, yellow box fish, orange-spined unicorn fish, Giant barrel sponges, Giant clams, Yellowtail barracuda, Butterfly Fish, Angel Fish, long fin bannerfish, Anemone fish, banded pipe fish, Blue Spotted stingray, Titan Triggerfish and the beautiful Bumphead Parrot fish! Laem Thian dive site koh tao puffer fish
Laem Thian Dive Site Koh Tao Giant Puffer Fish

Our dive site rating for Laem Thian

This dive site is suitable for all levels of training. It is also great for scuba divers who are in training or wish to fun dive.

The Bay is preferred for Open Water divers, while the Caves are more suited for advanced divers within their current level of training. There are plenty of small things to entice any Macro loving photographers out there.