The Best Viewpoints on Koh Tao

Whilst Koh Tao is well known for its beautiful underwater marine life and stunning beaches, the scenery above ground is just as spectacular.

With lush, green, tropical jungle that runs down into many of the wonderful bays and beaches, the views from the peaks on the island are nothing less than breathtaking.

To take advantage of these views, there are lots of viewpoints around the island which are definitely worth the time to visit.

Whilst some of the viewpoints are accessible by scooter (at least part of the way), to access others you will need to hike the trail leading up to them. Good footwear, a hat and supplies of water should be high on your list of essential items to take with you.
Koh Tao Island from the South

John-Suwan Viewpoint Koh Tao

Located on the very south of Koh Tao, John-Suwan is widely considered to be the most stunning viewpoint on the island.

The entrance to the viewpoint is opposite Freedom beach and it takes around 15 minutes to get to this point from Mae Haad pier by vehicle.

Once you arrive at the car park you will see a sign for the viewpoint which brings you along a hiking trail that takes around 20-30 minutes to complete.

The hike can be strenuous and the heat with humidity make it seem a little more difficult. The path is relatively rocky with makeshift stairs in certain places and ropes anchored in place on some of the larger boulders to assist your climb.

Once you reach the top you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the island looking from the south.
Panoramic view at John-Suwan Viewpoint

Panoramic Views

There are picture-perfect views of Chalok Baan Kao bay and Thian Og bay (Shark bay), as well as a view across to the hilly north side of the island.

On a clear day you can also see over to Koh Phangan and Koh Samui as well as down to the shallow coral reefs through the crystal clear water in the bays.

John-Suwan viewpoint is popular so can get a little crowded depending on the time of day and the weather conditions.

Choosing to visit there early in the morning, or late in the afternoon, can help you to avoid peak times as well as reduce the effects of heat and humidity.

At times, temperatures can reach over 40 degrees when exposed in open spaces, so take precautions and drink lots of water.
Mango Viewpoint Koh Tao

Mango Viewpoint Koh Tao

Mango viewpoint is located in the centre of the north part of the island, just off the road to Mango Bay.

It takes around 15 minutes by vehicle to reach the turn off for the path up to the viewpoint, which is near a place called Jim’s bar and is well signposted.

The path up to the viewpoint is quite good if the weather is hot and dry and a motorbike or scooter can be taken on it.

However, if it rains, the path becomes a water run off, so check the weather forecast. The path is steep in places so you may need to push your scooter to make it to the top.

If you are not so confident on a scooter, you can hike the entire way from Sairee Beach. The best route to take is to go from Sairee beach to the main road and then take the road to Hin Wong bay until you reach the turn off, then follow the road towards Jim’s bar. best mango viewpoints on koh tao
The Best Mango Viewpoints Koh Tao

Stunning Views

From there it’s the same route to the top. The entire journey will take 45-60 minutes and is an easy route to follow, but in places it can be steep so you will need to make sure you wear comfortable shoes and take water supplies.

When you reach the top, there are two paths you can take which both lead to a viewpoint containing a small bar and basic facilities.

The viewpoints sit on private land so, no matter which one you visit, you will be charged a 100THB entrance fee but it is well worth it for the views on offer.

From Mango viewpoint you get a stunning view of the entire west coast of Koh Tao, from the north end of Sairee beach right along to Mae Haad bay in the south.

As the view covers the west side of the island, this is also a great place to catch the sunset, and thanks to the bars at the top you can take a break, grab a beer and sit back to really enjoy it. west coast viewpoint on koh tao
Amazing Viewpoints on Koh Tao

West Coast Viewpoint Koh Tao

The West Coast viewpoint is located in the centre of Koh Tao, close to Two Views rock and above Sairee beach. The main turnoff to get to the viewpoint is between Sairee beach and Moonlight Bungalows.

The road up to Moonlight Bungalows is concrete and can be accessed by scooters and motorbikes.

Beyond the bungalows when the concrete ends, the path becomes a steep dirt track and is best approached on foot.

Climbing up this path through the jungle will you bring you to Twin Rock Junction. At this point you will find good views across both the east and west of Koh Tao. the best west coast viewpoint on koh tao
The Best West Coast Viewpoints Koh Tao

Amazing Viewpoints

From the junction you have three options. Walking straight ahead takes you to Tanote Bay, turning right will lead you to the reservoir, which also leads to Tanote Bay and turning left brings you to the West Coast Mountain viewpoint.

The viewpoint is a large flat rock, which is accessed by passing through the two boulders located around 5 minutes after the left turn. There is a small charge to pay to access the viewpoint.

The view from here provides a panorama that begins at Koh Nangyuan island and goes all the way down to Sairee beach, Mae Haad Bay and Jansom bay.

The views are sensational in the morning and during sunset, although the morning will provide better conditions for photographs. As this is one of the less well known viewpoints on the island it can provide a more romantic setting for couples to see the sunset. deisha viewpoint koh tao
Facing South at Deisha Viewpoint

Deisha Viewpoint Koh Tao

Located in the Southwest of Koh Tao, Deisha viewpoint offers a unique view of Chalok village and Chalok Baan Kao bay.

On a clear day you can also see over to Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. From Mae Haad bay it takes less than 15 minutes to get to the viewpoint, although be warned there are at least 125 steps to climb to access the viewpoint.

The best way to get there is to follow the signs for Deisha View bar and then walk 50m south of the bar to the viewpoint.

Another place to watch a beautiful sunset, you can also enjoy a decent meal in the bar, where the staff are incredibly welcoming and the atmosphere is laid-back.
Koh Nangyuan Viewpoint Koh Tao

Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint

Koh Nangyuan viewpoint on the neighbouring island of Koh Nang Yuan, offers one of the most popular photo opportunities in Thailand.

You can travel to Koh Nang Yuan by hiring a private longtail boat from most of the beaches and the journey takes around 30 minutes.

Once you arrive on Koh Nang Yuan, you will need to pay an entrance fee of 100THB and then follow the signs to the viewpoint.

The signs for the viewpoint start at the pier and will direct you over the footbridge, around the rocks, past the restaurant and along the beach.
Koh Nangyuan Viewpoint Island in Thailand

World Famous Viewpoint

The walk up to the viewpoint takes around 20 minutes as you climb the steps and follow the trail through the jungle to the granite rocks at the top.

Unless you are staying on Koh Nang Yuan, you can only access the island between 10am and 5pm and as this is a very popular spot for day trips the viewpoint can get busy.

To get the best photo opportunities it is advisable to get to Koh Nang Yuan as close to 10am as you can so you can avoid the crowds. This will also help you to avoid making the trek during the hottest part of the day.

Although there is a restaurant on Koh Nang Yuan, there are no places to get refreshments once you have started on the trail so you are advised to take plenty of water with you.

Remember to take your water in a non plastic water bottle as plastic bottles are not allowed on the island.

From the viewpoint you will be able to see the entire island, along with the West coast of Koh Tao. If you do visit at the peak times, be careful on your way down as the viewpoint can get a little busy. best viewpoints love koh tao
Best Viewpoints Love Koh Tao

Love Koh Tao Viewpoint

The Love Koh Tao viewpoint, as the name suggests, is considered to be the most romantic viewpoint on Koh Tao.

Overlooking Tanote Bay on the east side of the island, it is home to a small terrace café which allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the views over the Gulf of Thailand.

To get to the Love Koh Tao viewpoint, you can follow the same path as you would to get to the West Coast viewpoint and then take a short walk down from there to reach Love Koh Tao. love koh tao viewpoint
Sunrise at Love Koh Tao Viewpoint

Enjoy A Beautiful Sunrise

Alternatively, you can drive all the way up to the viewpoint via the Tanote Bay road and park at the café while you enjoy the view.

The viewpoint charges a 20THB entrance fee, although if you buy something at the café this fee is waived.

The terrace is home to netted beds that sit over the trees as well as numerous colourful signs and comfortable seating areas that make for great photo opportunities and a delightful place to just sit down, unwind and enjoy the view.

Being on the East side of the island, Love Koh Tao is a perfect location to visit for an amazing view of the sunrise. Mango-Viewpoint-koh tao
A Panoramic View on Mango Viewpoint

Sunset Viewpoint Koh Tao

Sunset Viewpoint is located high in the hills on the north end of the island. With road access most the way it can be accessed by bike or scooter and only takes about 20 minutes from Mae Haad pier.

It does get steep and if wet, can be muddy and slippery, so you may find yourself walking the last section if your scooter can not make it up the hill.

The viewpoint is signposted off the main road with a sign saying “High Rock View Point – Sunset Point” so it’s easy to find.

Depending on the vehicle you are driving, you may end up having to push it to the top as the roads are very steep. You may also face issues if it is or has been raining as the path is a dirt track near the top so can get very muddy. best mango viewpoints
High in the Hills Overlooking Mae Haad Bay

Views of Koh Tao

Once you reach the top there is a friendly local man selling drinks. A soft drink costs 40THB and counts as your entrance to the viewpoint.

The actual viewpoint is accessed through a make-shift netted gate he has erected. Once through the gate, the viewpoint is just a minute’s walk away.

The viewpoint itself has a number of large boulders, which help to provide great photo opportunities, along with a panoramic view of the west coast of Koh Tao.

There are also a few hammocks hanging between the trees that give you a great place to lie back, relax and wait for the sunset.
Amazing Sunset at Nangyuan Terrace Koh Tao

Nang Yuan Terrace Koh Tao

Nang Yuan Terrace is in the north east corner of Koh Tao. To access it you need to drive or walk towards Dusit Buncha Resort, which is a 10-minute drive heading north from Sairee beach.

Once you arrive at the stunning resort you can park your vehicle and then visit the restaurant. You need to pass through or around the restaurant to reach the stairs that lead down to the water.

A little-known spot to watch the sunset, it provides a spectacular view of Koh Nang Yuan with the sun setting on the horizon beside it. fraggle rock viewpoint koh tao thailand
Koh Tao Viewpoints – Locally Known as ‘Fraggle Rock’

Fraggle Rock Viewpoint Koh Tao

Fraggle Rock viewpoint can be found in the centre of the island in the hills above Sairee beach. The path is uphill all the way and begins by the 7-11 at the crossroads in Sairee.

You walk away from the beach towards Hin Wong, past Asia divers, Gym & Fitness and follow the same road that leads towards Mango Bay.

Once you reach the signpost for Mango Bay viewpoint you need to walk a few metres further to find the trail for Fraggle Rock on the right.

Then continue on and you will find a second right turn next to the radio antenna which takes you onto a steeper road that brings you to Mek’s Mountain.

Mek’s Mountain, which is much smaller than Fraggle Rock, has a rope ladder attached to it allowing you the chance to check out the view over Hin Wong Bay.

Once you have absorbed the panorama this view offers, you can continue on the last part of the path that has ropes along the side to assist you with climb. It is sensible to use them as this is the steepest part of the climb. fraggle rock koh tao
Fraggle Rock Viewpoint Koh Tao

Memorable Views of Koh Tao

Once you reach the top you may need to scramble up to get onto Fraggle Rock itself but the view will make the entire journey worth it.

From here you can look down over the whole of Sairee and, as it faces west, it is also a great place to view a Koh Tao sunset.

If you do go up there for sunset, be sure to leave quickly after and bring a torch, as there are no streetlights in the area to help you find your way back down.

The entire trek will take around an hour, depending on your fitness level and is a moderately difficult hike.

It is also possible to do the majority of the trip up by scooter, although you will need to park up when you reach the section where the ropes are provided as this is too steep for scooters. moondance magic viewpoint
Moondance Magic View Koh Tao

Moondance Magic Viewpoint Koh Tao

Moondance Magic Viewpoint is located within the Moondance Magic View Bungalows on the east coast of Koh Tao.

A 20-minute drive from Mae Haad pier, it sits above the glistening waters of Aow Lud bay and provides spectacular views across the Gulf of Thailand.

A private resort, you will need to at least visit the View Point restaurant in order to enjoy this view. moondance magic view koh tao
Explore Koh Tao’s East Coast

Explore Koh Tao

Koh Tao is full of hiking trails, hidden paths and stunning viewpoints all around its coastline offering panoramic views in every direction.

If you want discover Koh Tao off the beaten track and enjoy spectacular views, most viewpoints are partially accessible by scooter or bike.

Make sure you prepare yourself before setting off with supplies of water, proper footwear and explore with a friend or let someone know your planned route. The weather can get extremely hot on the exposed hills and the weather conditions can change very quickly.

If you want to hike to or reach any of the viewpoints on Koh Tao, contact us or stop by our office so we can provide you with the best advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best viewpoint on Koh Tao?

Koh Tao has stunning viewpoints facing out across all aspects of the island and all of them can be reached on foot. If your accommodation is in the south of the island then your closest viewpoints are John Suwan and 360 Sun Suwan viewpoint with many more close by. If you are staying in Mae Haad, then you can visit West Coast viewpoint, Two Views, or facing east are Tanote Peak or Love Koh Tao viewpoint. On the north of the island are several Mango Bay viewpoints. All the viewpoints have panoramic views across Koh Tao.

How much does it cost to go to a Viewpoint?

A lot of the viewpoints around Koh Tao charge an entrance fee of 100baht per person and there is a small café or bar area selling refreshments with cushioned seating or nets so you can relax and enjoy the spectacular views.

Some of the more remotely accessed viewpoints are free to climb but you will need to trek through jungle and there are no facilities available when you reach there.

Alternatively, there are more easily accessible viewpoints that will charge a fee and provide you with a refreshment from their drinks menu.

Can I get to Koh Tao Viewpoints on a scooter?

You can access a lot of the viewpoints by riding a scooter most of the way to the top and will need to park before making the final ascent. There are several viewpoints you can access by riding a scooter to a designated car park area at the viewpoint, pay the entrance fee and relax whilst enjoying a refreshment or a snack.

What things can I do on Koh Tao?

The island is commonly accepted as being the number one location in the world for scuba diver training due to its diversity in dive site topography, high standards in diver training and experienced instructors.

Koh Tao also offers visitors a range of outdoor and indoor activities including organized snorkel trips, alternative watersports from paddleboarding, kayaking, kitesurfing, tubing, wakeboarding, hiking and rock climbing. There is Yoga, Muay Thai, fitness gyms, mini-golf, flying trapeze and much more.

How to get to love Koh Tao Viewpoint?

Love Koh Tao viewpoint is located in the middle of the island on the east coast of Koh Tao and is fully accessible by scooter, albeit by a very steep concrete road.

There are nets, loungers to relax on while you enjoy a refreshment from the well equipped café and absorb the incredible panoramic views.

Your purchase of a drink can be used in lieu of an entrance fee or you can bring your own refreshments and pay the entrance fee.

What is the best Koh Tao Viewpoint for sunset?

The west coast of Koh Tao faces directly towards the setting sun and there are many viewpoints along the western coastline from which to enjoy the sunset.

West Coast viewpoint, Two Views, Fraggle Rock or in the south you can visit Sainuan viewpoint. Mango Viewpoints also offer amazing views of the sunset.

If you visit one of these viewpoints for sunset, plan your return journey before with lights or torches so you can find your way back down.

How to get to Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint?

Access to Koh Nang Yuan Island and the spectacular viewpoint is by boat only from Koh Tao.

Longtail taxi boat drivers operate regular daily trips to the island and there is a 100baht entrance fee to enter (for Thai nationals 30baht) and then you can climb the viewpoint, use the beaches and facilities and purchase refreshments at the restaurant and café. Koh Nang Yuan island opening hours are 10am to 5pm daily.

What are the best places to see and visit on Koh Tao?

What you do when you arrive here will depend on how much time you have in your travel schedule. If you plan to visit the Koh Tao temple, please dress appropriately and respect local rules.

Koh Tao offers visitors a perfect opportunity to combine modern living and amenities with adventure, fun, exploration and a stunning natural topography, above and below the surface of the ocean.

Our recommendation is to explore the bays, beaches, viewpoints, snorkel or scuba dive, swim, sample the restaurants and café’s and amazing nightlife. Koh Tao offers visitors a safe, friendly muti-cultural environment with amazing natural beauty.

For more information, contact us direct.