About the Scuba Diver Course on Koh Tao

The Scuba Diver Course is the perfect choice if you are limited on time, but want to leave Koh Tao with a dive certification in your pocket.

It is a great short scuba diving course if it doesn’t bother you that you will not be able dive independently from a dive professional in the future.

You can take the Scuba Diver Course on Koh Tao in just 1.5 to 2 days, depending on your travel plans and you will learn in small groups with very experienced Instructors.

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Scuba Diver Beginners Course

Prerequisites for the Scuba Diver Course

To sign up for the Scuba Diver course you have to be at least 10 years old and feel comfortable in the water with some basic swimming skills.

You will need to complete a Medical Statement, be fit for diving and demonstrate you can float or tread water for 10 minutes.

Scuba Diver

To become a Scuba Diver, you will complete three parts, which will teach you all the basics you need to dive safely while still under the supervision of a professional.

  • Basic Dive Theory
  • Skills Practice in the Swimming Pool (1 dive)
  • Open Water Training (2 dives)
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Marine Life & Turtles Koh Tao

Scuba Diver Course Structure

The course begins with an introduction and the completion of the paperwork.

You will then take a half-day theory session as all the basic skills like signals, dive equipment, safety procedures and the dive environment will be explained to you.

You will watch a video in an A/C Classroom for each of the 3 Chapters of the course, followed by answering some Knowledge Review questions with your instructor and finally a little quiz.

Then it’s time for your first dive in a swimming pool.

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Scuba Diver Course is a 2 Day Beginners Course

Scuba Diver Course Training in the Swimming Pool

In the pool you will learn all the basic scuba diving skills to allow you to dive together with a dive professional on shallow dives no deeper than 12m or 40 feet.

You will demonstrate assembly of your equipment independently and then get in the water and take your first breath’s underwater.

Scuba Skills

Your instructor will teach you some basic scuba skills in shallow water (around 1.5 metres depth). Skills include swimming around, equalizing pressure, clearing water out of your mask and regulator.

Once comfortable in shallow water, you progress to water that is a little deeper and practice a few more skills to prepare you for your Open Water Dives.

In the pool session, you have all the time it takes to practice and just have some fun underwater for the first time.

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Enjoy the Underwater World on Koh Tao as a Scuba Diver

Skill Practice in the Pool for Scuba Diver Course

  • Equipment Setup
  • Pre-dive safety checks
  • Mask & regulator clearing
  • Out-of-Air-Situations – Sharing air & Emergency Ascents
  • Buoyancy control & Underwater swimming
  • Communication using underwater hand signals
  • Descents & Ascents (Going up & down safely)
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Amazing Marine Life on Koh Tao

Open Water Dives for Scuba Diver Course on Koh Tao

The final part of the course is most likely the best part – you take two Open Water Dives to a maximum depth of 12 metres/40 feet.

For both of these dives you will go on the dive boat and travel to one of the shallow dive sites around Koh Tao that are sheltered from wind and waves. This ensures your first dive experience is comfortable, easy and enjoyable.

On the way to the dive site you will get a complete briefing by your instructor about the dives you are about to complete. And then it’s time for your first big step into the sea.

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World’s Most Popular Open Water Course

What You Learn on the Scuba Diver Course

Your Instructor will guide you around one of the local shallow dive sites giving you a chance to practice and put into use the skills you learned in the swimming pool.

You learn how to swim comfortably underwater, stay with your buddy and practice hand signals, while you enjoy the coral reef and abundance of tropical fish.

Once you are back on land, you complete your certification paperwork and are a newly qualified Scuba Diver. All that is left to do is to think about your next Scuba Adventures.

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Sea Turtles around Koh Tao

Schedule for the Scuba Diver Course on Koh Tao

The training is spread out over 2 days with two options for your schedule depending on your timeframe:

Option 1

Day 1 (PM)   Intro & Dive Theory (Basics & Dive Equipment)

Day 2 (AM)   Swimming Pool Dive


Day 2 (PM)   2 Open Water Dives (maximum 12 metres /40 ft)

Option 2

Day 1 (AM)   Intro & Dive Theory (Basics & Dive Equipment)


Day 1 (PM)   Swimming Pool Dive

Day 2 (AM)   Time for additional Pool Training OR Open Water Dives (max. 12m/60ft)

Day 2 (PM)   Open Water Dives (max. 12m/60ft) OR onward Travel

These options will allow you to plan your Scuba Diver course around any time constraints or take it a little easier, if you prefer more practice.

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Open Water Course on Koh Tao

Upgrade from Scuba Diver to Open Water Course

If you really like diving and you have a little more time to spare, take the next step and become an Open Water Diver.

If you need more information about any of the scuba diving courses available on Koh Tao or any other activities, you can message us and we can answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Scuba Diver course include Accommodation?

No, the scuba diver course does not include accommodation with the cost of the course, although this can be arranged at an additional cost.

Do I have to Complete a Medical for the Scuba Diver Course?

Yes, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and answer the questions honestly. if you tick yes to any questions, you will need to visit a local doctor so they can evaluate you and sign you off as being medically fit to dive.

Can I try the Discover Scuba Diving before the Scuba Diver Course?

Yes, you can and many people try the Discover Scuba Diving experience before signing up for the Scuba Diver or Open Water course. It is a perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of the underwater world, before you continue with a diving course.

How long does the Scuba Diver Course take to complete?

The Scuba Diver course will take 2-3 days and like the other courses is performance based. You will need to successfully complete all the modules of the course to qualify as a Scuba Diver.

Does Scuba Diver Course count towards Open Water Course?

Yes, it does. The Scuba Diver course is a subset of the Open Water course, although you will not be allowed to dive independently upon completion. You will complete the first 2 open water dives to a maximum depth of 12 metres. To upgrade to the full Open Water certification, you will need to complete all the remaining components of the Open Water course.