How to get to Aow Leuk Beach on Koh Tao

Located in the south east corner of Koh Tao, Aow Leuk beach is a beautiful, white sandy beach with crystal clear water that offers gentle, calm conditions for most of the year.

Easy Access

The beach is easily accessible from the main road that runs across the island and when you arrive there is a car park just before you reach the beach. aow leuk beach resort koh tao
Aow Leuk Grand Hill Resort Koh Tao

Aow Leuk Grand Hill Resort Accommodation

Once at the beach you will have to pay a 100 baht fee to enter as you pass through Aow Leuk Grand Hill Resort.

The entrance fee not only covers access to the beach, but also includes the parking, the use of their beach chairs and a cold drink.

You are not allowed to bring outside food and drinks onto the beach, although there is a café on the beach serving delicious Thai food.
Aow Leuk Koh Tao Snorkeling

White Sandy Aow Leuk Beach Koh Tao

Whilst Aow Leuk is not the largest beach on the island, it is relatively wide and is one of the most beautiful beaches Koh Tao has to offer.

Shark Island is situated in the background, around 600 metres off shore, providing an opportunity to get some amazing photos with a stunning backdrop.

The white sandy beach stretches into the water making it ideal for both swimming and paddling in the water and further out in the bay, Aow Leuk is a popular location for scuba diver training.
Snorkeling Fun at Aow Leuk Bay Koh Tao

Snorkeling Activities at Aow Leuk Beach

If you enjoy snorkeling this is a great place to visit and you don’t need to have your own equipment as you can rent it on the beach.

You can swim or snorkel to either side of the bay and find coral reefs that start in shallow water only a metre off shore, which means you do not have to swim far to see an abundance of marine life.

You can expect to see parrotfish, snappers, yellow tail barracuda, many species of reef fish and hopefully you will be lucky to witness a sea turtle. aow leuk bay koh tao thailand
Beautiful Aow Leuk Bay Koh Tao Thailand

Explore the Bay from Aow Leuk Beach

In addition to snorkeling around the reefs in Aow Leuk bay, if you are an experienced snorkeler, you can swim the several hundred metres to Hin Ngam Bay.

With lots of underwater rock formations and calm conditions this is another ideal location for snorkelers.

One of the special attractions of Aow Leuk beach is the black tip reef sharks. They are known to frequent and utilize the shallow waters as a nursery environment for their young.
Welcome to Aow Leuk Bay

Black Tip Reef Sharks

If you visit at the right time you can be lucky and see the baby black tip reef sharks swimming around, relatively close to the shore.

The adult sharks will not be too far away and are known to stay closer to shark island in deeper water.

Aow Leuk beach is a fantastic location to spend the day swimming, snorkeling and exploring the bay or just relaxing whilst enjoying great food and drink. aow leuk beach map location
Aow Leuk Beach Koh Tao Map Location