CoralWatch on Koh Tao

CoralWatch is a non-profit, well-established citizen science program based at The University of Queensland, Australia.

Founded in 2002, they are committed to the maintenance and conservation of all coral reefs across the globe.

They are working with volunteers worldwide to ensure that present and future generations understand the importance of coral reefs and the impact of climate change. coral watch koh tao
Coral Watch Koh Tao

How to use the CoralWatch Health Chart

CoralWatch aim to increase the understanding of coral bleaching, along with other significant reef threats by providing accessible and educational health monitoring tools.

The Coral Health Chart, the world’s first Do-it-Yourself method to monitor coral bleaching, was developed in 2002 by scientists: Professor. Justin Marshall, Dr. Uli Siebeck, Professor. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and Dr. Anke Kleuter.

The Chart is a simple, easy tool that monitors coral health by using sample colours and brightness variations to represent the different stages of bleaching and recovery.

Users then compare the colours of the corals with the ones on the chart and record the matching codes. coral watch koh tao thailand
Monitoring Coral Reefs on Koh Tao

Monitor Coral Reefs with CoralWatch

The Chart is available in 12 languages and enables anyone, whether it be businesses, scuba divers, snorkelers, tourists, or even school children to help monitor coral reefs and add to the global database.

Literally anybody interested in conservation, professional and/or otherwise, can use it to collect valuable data and contribute to the efforts of a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Collaborating with Project AWARE, CoralWatch focuses on three main areas to help spread the message – monitoring, education and outreach.

They provide regular workshops for communities in order to raise public awareness of coral health and have even developed a range of high quality educational materials including books and DVD’s. coral watch on koh tao
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CoralWatch Records Reef Conditions

There is a vast, ever-growing network of volunteers all over the world, all actively helping to save the reefs by inputting their discovered data.

CoralWatch then manages this data through an interactive online database, informing everyone about the most recent reef conditions worldwide.

Online Database

Our reefs are extremely valuable and must be protected so if you would like to be involved, start by downloading a Do-it-Yourself kit.

Simply buy the user friendly Coral Health Chart and then you are free to start monitoring straight away. coral watch
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