Popular Koh Tao Underwater Videography Course

If you want to learn how to capture underwater memories that last for a lifetime, this exciting professional level underwater videography course is for you.

Underwater Video Courses

The course structure is designed using a collaboration of creatives from various diving and videography techniques and skills gained over years of teaching experience.

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Best Underwater Videography Training Courses

The Best Underwater Videography course on Koh Tao

The end result is the best training in underwater cinematography and stills on Koh Tao.

Using a range of skills gained from over 15 years of experience in the broadcasting industry, the team diversified into underwater filming over 10 years ago and have created unique courses designed for a variety of applications.

The course curriculum uses Mac & PC workstations and a host of software applications to bring the underwater world on Koh Tao to life.

You will be guided through your training, culminating in a full HD portfolio that you can be proud to show to any potential employer.

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Learn to be an Underwater Videographer

Information about the Underwater Videography course on Koh Tao

Professional Level Underwater Video Course

  • 14 Days & 26 Dives
  • Basic & Advanced Course plus further intensive training
  • Encompasses filming on land and underwater
  • Use your skills to film potential customers
  • PADI Videography Certification

The first step to employment in the industry. This course teaches you how to use your diving skills to capture great shots with one of our HD video cameras and underwater housings.

This course requires any applicants to be of minimum Rescue Diver certification level of training and have a minimum of 20 dives.

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Underwater Videography Skills on Koh Tao

What Does the Underwater Videography course include?

The course covers all the basic techniques of dive positioning, filming and post-production.

During your course, you will receive intensive training of editing techniques, colour correction and special effects to bring your footage to life.

Underwater Film Production

Towards the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your progress and ability by filming an Open Water diver group and editing a full 14-minute movie production for viewing that evening by the students and staff.

Once the course is complete and all the requisites are accomplished, you may be offered the opportunity of entering into an internship.

Please contact for more details.

www.thefunkyturtle.com underwater videography courses koh tao
Best Underwater Cinematography Course Koh Tao

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the underwater videography course on Koh Tao cost?

The cost of the underwater videography course on Koh Tao is 50,000baht and includes 26 dives and all equipment and course materials.

How long does the Underwater Videography course on Koh Tao take?

The Underwater Videography course is scheduled over 14 days and includes 26 dives. It takes you through basic positioning techniques, filming and post production. You will learn editing, colour correction and special effects to really enhance your underwater footage. The final evaluation will consist of creating a 20 minute movie for presentation.

Does the Underwater Videography course on Koh Tao include equipment?

The Underwater Videography course includes all scuba equipment as well as underwater camera and housing, computer and editing software.

Do I need a medical certificate to do the Underwater Videography course?

You have to complete the standard WRSTC medical statement as is normal with all scuba diving training courses. If you answer yes to any of the questions you will need to visit a physician to be cleared as fit to dive.

Where can I find out more information about the Underwater Videography course?

If you are visiting Koh Tao as a fun diver or taking a diving course you can contact us to discuss your travel itinerary and ask any questions you have about the professional Underwater Videography course.