Great Scuba Diving at Shark Island Koh Tao

Shark Island gets its name due to the shape of the island resembling a shark’s dorsal fin. The island itself is located around 300 metres from the South east coast of Koh Tao.

Shark Island is quite small and completely uninhabited by people and is a very popular location for scuba divers and snorkelers and for sightings of large pelagic fish.
Rare Leopard Shark around Koh Tao

What it is like to dive at Shark Island

While diving here, you will notice a variety of depths, depending on your navigational position around the island.

If you descend to the bottom and slope down into the sand you will find the depth ranging from 18 – 25 metres, however it is very easy to shallow up and enjoy a visual safety stop at 5 metres.

At shallower depths you can appreciate the richness of marine life, frolicking along large boulders and rock formations. Three Rocks and Pottery dive site koh tao christmas trees
Dive Site Koh Tao Christmas Tree Worms

Abundance of Marine Life at Shark Island

Shark Island is one of the only dive sites lucky enough to be blessed with soft purple tree corals blanketed across the rocks.

This, plus gorgeous gorgonian fans and whip corals make this dive site more like an underwater meadow.

There is so much to see here and is one of the most diverse diving sites on Koh Tao.

As you circle around the island you will notice schools of Butterfly fish, Bat Fish and yellow tailed barracuda.

Take a look underneath rock overhangs and enjoy a Blue spotted Ray staring back at you.

Don’t forget to check every crevice, as you may find something small hiding inside.

This is the perfect place for Nudibranch lovers. If you are lucky, you may even spot a turtle or Whale Shark cruising around. best beaches saideng
View from Coral View Resort Shark Island Saideng

Watch out for strong currents

Due to the position of the island, currents can be slightly stronger here, however, you can hide around certain parts of the island and still enjoy a nice relaxing dive.

Just remember to take the current into consideration when dive planning. Visibility can range from 5 – 20 metres.

This is a dive site not to miss. Since it is quite large, it may take multiple dives to fully explore it.

You can circle the entire island on one dive; however, this will require very good air consumption.

It is recommended for scuba divers to explore one specific area of Shark Island on each dive. Green Rock trigger fish
Dive Site Koh Tao Trigger Fish

What fish you can expect to see at Shark Island

As this dive site location is an island, there is superb marine diversity.

You can expect to see Soft Purple tree coral, Whip corals, Gorgonian fan coral, Titan Triggerfish, butterfly fish, Bat fish, Blue Spotted Sting Ray, a variety of nudibranch and of course sea turtles.

There have been many opportunities to see the beloved Whaleshark at this location! chumphon dive site koh tao
Whaleshark at dive site Koh Tao

Shark Island Dive Site Rating

Due to its depth and potential for a strong current, the dive site is more suited towards Advanced Divers and fun diving for appropriately certified divers.

It is a great location for underwater photographers and videographers and when the conditions are good, quite often you can enjoy snorkeling at this stunning location as well.