A Great Dive Site on Koh Tao for Beginners

As a scuba diver, I’m sure you are already quite aware, that it is very important to have good buoyancy. Why not put your skills to the test and check out one of Koh Tao’s artificial dive sites; Buoyancy World.

Buoyancy World is located slightly north of Twins. It is only a short swim away and you can easily combine both dive sites in one trip.

Artificial sites are fantastic for promoting coral growth and biodiversity. It also gives a new home to marine life and takes scuba divers away from the actual reefs.

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Buoyancy World Dive Site Koh Tao Coral Nursery

Artificial dive site structures

As Twins dive site is one of the most popular sites for diver training, it is essential to have an artificial reef nearby to give divers more options.

Therefore, the island came together as one, to create this underwater playground. Headed by Save Koh Tao, Eco Koh Tao and other conservations groups, the project started in 2009.

Many of the dive centres were involved in designing the underwater structures and building them as well.

A popular dive site

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Buoyancy World Dive Site Koh Tao Artificial Reef

Buoyancy world Koh Tao provides an obstacle course of giant hoops and tunnels, perfect for buoyancy games. As mentioned previously, it really is an underwater playground.

It even features a shipwreck like structure covered with Staghorn coral. This “Wreck,” is now home to a diverse group of marine species, including a young group of curious Batfish.

Good Visibility

The dive site itself ranges in depths from 7-16 metres and generally has good visibility most of the year. This allows an ideal environment for all levels of training.

Among the structures there are still lots of sand patches that are great for skill development. Once your training is complete you can head back over to Twins for some dive exploration.

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Buoyancy World Dive Site Koh Tao

What you can see at Buoyancy World

You are guaranteed to see: a turtle, shark and a giant octopus! These are all concrete structures of course.

Otherwise you might come across some Red Breasted Wrasse, Parrotfish and Goatfish, Longfin Bannerfish and Giant Pufferfish as you tour through the sand.

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Buoyancy World Dive Site Koh Tao Marine Diversity

Our dive site rating

Due to the structures, this site is often used for students that are taking part in the Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure dive.

This dive site is also fun for a variety of Advanced Diving courses and Specialty training dives such as: Navigation, Search and Recovery and Sidemount diving.

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Buoyancy World Koh Tao