6 Best Restaurants on Koh Tao

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Amazing & Delicious Food

Popular Koh Tao Restaurants

The natural beauty in Thailand shines on the island of Koh Tao, a destination where the coral reef comes alive with a colourful abundance of marine life.

A perfect scuba diving destination located on the east side of the southern mainland, Koh Tao draws travellers of all types. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to be one of them.

Amazing Sunset at Nang Yuan Terrace Koh Tao

Popular Restaurants

Most visitors to Koh Tao want to experience the exhilarating nature of the tropical jungle landscape and they seek adventure in the clear, warm sea. A place where you can snorkel and dive deep into the ocean and explore.

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Popular Mezze Board

Best Places to Eat on Koh Tao

Once the excitement of the daytime activities pass, you want to make sure you experience the exquisite food the island has to offer.

Koh Tao is home to some truly remarkable restaurants for Thai and different types of international cuisine.

Whatever you are in the mood for after a long day of sightseeing, diving, or simply unwinding, Koh Tao is sure to satisfy your appetite.

If you are on a tight schedule with limited days, be sure to make time to eat at these 6 best restaurants on Koh Tao, because life is too short to do anything but enjoy.

Our List of the 6 Best Restaurants on Koh Tao

thefunkyturtle.com breeze restaurant koh tao beach location
Breeze Koh Tao Beach Front Restaurant & Cafe
  1. Breeze Koh Tao – Mae Haad beach

If you are in the mood for an eclectic array of modern international cuisine, Breeze Koh Tao dishes up a superb location for dining right on the beach.

The venue provides visitors with a warm, friendly atmosphere, superb customer service and a vibe that is utterly relaxed, yet the food is accessibly affordable and upscale.

A sunset dinner here makes for an even more memorable meal. Fresh seafood, mezze and cold cut meat sharing boards, vegetarian and vegan options, make for the ideal nibbles as you gaze onto the water.

With creative cocktails, global favourites and an atmosphere that encourages indulging and unwinding, Breeze Koh Tao is a solid way to have a memorable beachside meal on the island.

thefunkyturtle.com barracuda darawan restaurant koh tao
Barracuda Darawan Roof Terrace Restaurant Koh Tao
  1. Barracuda Restaurant at Darawan – Sairee

On the hillside and overlooking spectacular ocean views, Barracuda at Darawan is a splendid choice for everything seafood. The head chef trained in the UK and then promptly made his way to Koh Tao many years ago.

The seafood is caught fresh every day and every once in a while, the chef changes up the menu based on feedback from customers.

In more recent times, he has added lots of Thai fusion-style options to the menu, all of them highly-regarded.

With lots of tantalizing options for every appetite, Barracuda at Darawan offers the chance to indulge in those Thai tastes as well as more global ones with absolute aplomb.

thefunkyturtle.com vegetabowl vegan restaurant koh tao
VegetaBowl Vegetarian & Vegan – Sairee
  1. Vegetabowl Restaurant – Sairee

It is not always easy to find highly recommended restaurants that cater to vegan and vegetarian diners when you are traveling.

Vegetabowl not only features a clever name but is also the only Western-style vegan and vegetarian restaurant on Koh Tao.

Everything on the menu is completely vegan with options to add on additional dairy items, like cheese, for those that are not strictly vegan eaters.

With healthy food that tastes great like shroom handrolls, veggie quesadillas, tofu tacos, and wellness bowls, you will have clean energy fuelling you for all your adventures on Koh Tao.

The Gallery Restaurant Beautiful Location on Koh Tao
The Gallery Restaurant Beautiful Location on Koh Tao
  1. The Gallery Restaurant Koh Tao – Sairee

Experience high-end Thai food with a twist at a cosy and brand new location at The Gallery restaurant Koh Tao.

The restaurant recently relocated to a breathtaking hillside location just a few minutes from Sairee by taxi or scooter and provides guests with unique ocean views and stunning sunsets.

If you want to step away from the typical tourist places, you will discover an upscale ambience with the freshest flavours of authentic Thai cuisine served with an appropriate amount of true Thai culture.

Small spoons are served with each dish so that you can share with ease. Most Thai food is not eaten with chopsticks, but rather a fork in the left hand that serves as a knife and a spoon in the right hand.

Tasting delicious Thai food in this way as it was meant to be eaten is a gastronomical delight for those who truly want the best Thai food experience on Koh Tao.

thefunkyturtle.com thaita italian restaurant on koh tao thailand
Thaita Italian Restaurant on Koh Tao Island
  1. Thaita Italian Restaurant – Sairee

If you dream of fresh, homemade pasta while you are on the beaches of Koh Tao, visit Thaita Italian Restaurant for an authentically Italian experience.

The restaurant is a small, cosy venue just a 10-minute walk from Sairee beach and a perfect discovery for some of the best Italian food east of Italy.

Owned and managed by an Italian couple, the menu provides customers with traditional Italian food, exceptional flavor and the atmosphere is one that is delightfully romantic.

A charming, warm and friendly venue for couples to wander off the beaten path for an epicurean meal, you will not be disappointed.

thefunkyturtle.com chez albert restaurant koh tao
Chez Albert Koh Tao
  1. Chez Albert Koh Tao – Sairee

For authentic traditional French fare, make sure you find Chez Albert. It is the first and only wine shop of its type on Koh Tao and a popular venue to find gourmet goods from France and other countries around the world.

The focus at Chez Albert is not only wine either, though if you are a wine lover, you will find your true calling here.

The roast chicken and duck is legendary and locals love to check in for a daily surprise special like French plat du jour or even Black Angus grilled meats.

Dine alfresco on the open-air terrace atop authentic wine barrels from France or take it away back to your hotel or room for a more intimate affair.

Delicious Thai food Koh Tao

Highly Rated Restaurants on Koh Tao

Our selection of popular restaurants provides you with a choice of venues for you to indulge and taste a variety of exquisite foods and enjoy a drink.

Koh Tao has a wide range of fantastic restaurants to eat at and the biggest problem you will have, is how to work out the best way to fit them all in on your travel itinerary.

You can choose from mountain view locations, beachside restaurants with live music, Bistro’s, Grills, Sports Bars with pub grub or food markets and exceptionally good quality street food.

Our popular list of restaurants on Koh Tao is by no means a comprehensive list, but they offer a unique dining experience and they come highly recommended by thousands of satisfied customers over many years.

thefunkyturtle.com pranees kitchen thai restaurant koh tao thai
Pranees Kitchen Thai Restaurant Koh Tao


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